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My Story 


I stumbled upon the art of fused glass by chance,and I completely fell in love with this form of art which allows me to create so many different combinations and styles, making each item completely unique. It  began as a hobby and after receiving so  many compliments and requests to buy my art I decided to begin selling  my art. 


Glass fusing is the technique of layering two or more pieces of glass one on top the other and creating a design and then heating (firing) them a kiln at a temperature of up to 800 C or higher  in order to anneal the pieces together and melt the glass and takes about 24 hours till the pieces are ready.  Some pieces require several firings in the kiln at different temperatures.  The pieces are created with  colored glass manufactered by companies  and clear glass  only  for fusing glass.


My collection includes  jewelry, decorative plates , serving dishes, hamsas, mezuzah cases, candle holders,  hearts. butterflies  Judaica and a special Chakra Pendant project that I created of the 7 main Chakras.

pendants (1)_edited.jpg
Untitled design (3)_edited_edited.jpg
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